W.D. Sutton School


W. D. Sutton is a school program, funded by the Ministry of Education, designed specifically for children and youth who are not able to attend their own community school.  The school partners with community agencies to provide a unique educational opportunity.  Our joint goal is to maximize the educational success for all children and youth in our region. 

W. D. Sutton teachers are employed by the Thames Valley District School Board.  Our teachers create individualized educational programs based on students’ educational experiences, needs and learning profiles.  Not only do we focus on literacy and numeracy but we also teach the children and youth social-emotional learning skills to promote success in all aspects of life.  Our teachers understand the importance of building relationships with students, their families and caregivers and the agency partners, and work collaboratively within the multi-disciplinary team.  Our teachers provide a safe and welcoming school environment, are flexible in their approach to teaching and learning, and engage in on-going learning themselves.

At Youth Centre for Change, students from grade 7 to 12 can engage in a school program.  The class size is small so youth are able to receive the necessary support.  Each student has an education plan with identified goals.  The students meet the expectations of the elementary curriculum (grade 7 & 8) or work to earn credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  For secondary school students both compulsory and elective courses are offered.  Health & Physical Education is an important part of the school day.  Information technology is available to support student learning, as are current resources. When youth are ready and able, W. D. Sutton works with Thames Valley District School Board to provide transitions to community schools.  W. D. Sutton takes pride in helping students get back on the path to educational success and a future full of possibilities.

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