YCFC Welcomes You

Pressure's on today's youth are different than any other time in human history.  Many youth struggle to cope with complexities that are associated with 21st century living.


YCFC delivers Trauma Informed Care, an organizational structure and treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma.

Everything we do at YCFC is treatment focused. Life skills, group and individual therapy sessions, structure and the routine of positive living are all designed to promote healthy relationships and resilience. The youths accepted into this program thrive in the environment we have carefully crafted.

YCFC also has extensive experience caring for indigenous youths. We are sensitive to the cultural needs of indigenous youths and utilize community resources where appropriate to foster respect for First Nations persons.

I'm proud of our staff who bring their own individual and unique skill sets to the team at YCFC.

Timothy Tuckey BA SOC/A- Executive Director

Meet Our Staff

Josh Peters

Clinical Manager

Laura Kezar
MSc Edu, BA Psych/Soc


Devin Vandenborn
BA Family/Social Relations, 


Youth Centre for Change is a residential treatment facility located in London, Ontario, for youth between 12-18 years old, who have demonstrated sexually intrusive behaviours and/or have sexual offences. Priority is given to youth that have been charged, adjudicated and placed on probation with a mandate to participate and complete sex offender treatment.


YCFC offer treatment for male youth 12-18 years of age who also exhibit:

The YCFC program also includes:

  • Mood Disorders

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Attention Deficits

  • Post Traumatic Symptoms of Abuse

  • Global Developmental Delays

  • ASD Diagnosis


  • individual treatment schedules,

  • specific peer group therapy,

  • psycho-educational group,

  • parent/family involvement,

  • structured full-day programming,

  • offence processing,

  • on-site school,

  • close working relationship with probation, CAS/FCS agencies and the legal system.